Release notes - October & November 2020

We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimizations to help improve your Capptions experience. This month we optimized the application with bug fixes and new functionalities.


New functionalities 🎉

Reminder notifications 
If the due date of an assigned action approaches, the user gets a reminder through a notification.

Logo upload and color scheme per team* [Premium]
You can now upload a logo per individual team. The PDF reports will show this logo instead of the default organization or Capptions logo.
Read in this article how this works.
Want to discuss the possibilities of adding premium functionalitie(s)? Please mail to

Permissions for managing labels*
To prevent any template manager in every country from making their own labels, an organization may prefer to manage labels centrally. Feel free to contact us if you want this setting enabled.

Unanswered questions
When a Capption is still in progress a manager can see the questions that are mandatory but unanswered. This way you can help the user completing their Capption.
Read in this article how this works.

Restore deleted case files
When deleting an action or case file, it is still available in the environment with status: deleted.
You can filter on this state to show all deleted case files. Want to restore the deleted case file? 
No problem! Follow these steps.

*Please mail to if you want this enabled.

Optimizations ✔

Support for heic/heif images

If you have the settings of your iPhone or Android-camera set on a high resolution, it saves the photo in heic or heif.  The Capptions mobile app automatically converts these pictures to .jpg and makes sure this photo is stored correctly.

Several language optimizations
Have suggestions or discovered a spelling error? Feel free to contact us via

Add formula to short text field [Premium]
You can now add formulas to the short text field! Want to discuss the possibilities of adding premium functionalitie(s)? Please mail to
Read here how formulas work.

Bug fixes  Bug Icon - Free Download, PNG and Vector

  • Inserting data key-value took some time.

  • Photos were not always saved on the gallery of Android devices.

  • A repeatable section did not work properly when you added a formula.

  • Numbers in combination with formulas were not working properly.

  • The reporting image to copy took a long time to load.

  • The dashboard showed Capptions based on the date completed, while the drill down showed the date created. This caused some differences in the data.

  • The total amount of publications were shown in the app overview, instead of the publications that were assigned to the user.

  • Links in introduction / help text did not open in browsers

  • Filtering by key via the search bar did not work.

  • Double grouping in the reporting showed: [object Object] instead of the actual data.

  • When selecting a "Custom date" for the reporting period and refresh the page, the period was not persisted.
  • Multiple select options in e.g. casefile creates a unique combination of selected options