Release notes - April 2021

We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimizations to help improve your Capptions experience. This month we optimized the application with bug fixes and new functionalities

New functionalities

Show actions in PDF report

A lot of our users wanted to see if certain questions in a Capption were followed up by an action. Good news ! We built a feature that shows the assigned action in the PDF report.
Even when actions are created afterwards, a simple click on: 'Regenerate PDF' will do the trick.
Read in this article how this works.

Location details and reports
A small addition, but a handy feature. Next to the location details you can find a location pin.
When you hit this pin or the address in the PDF, you will be redirected to this location in Google.

Disabling notifications on team level {PREMIUM}

It is possible to set the minimum severity for receiving notifications for important observations on team level. A good example for this is that managers high in the team structure (CEOs, VPs etc) don't want to receive by low priority observations. By default the severity for important observations is "High".  When this is changed to e.g. "Extreme", managers will only receive notifications for observations with that priority.

A new addition to this feature is that you can disable notification on team level.
Read in this article how this works.

To-do Capptions

When you create a case file you have the possibility to add a to-do action for a user within the company. But what if I told you you can also create a to-do Capption? Select the template the user has to fill out, add the user/assignee and the time they have to complete this Capption.

Want this feature enabled? Mail to and we are happy to answer your questions and activate this feature for you.


✔ The combination of a required + hidden question resulted in: users that could not complete a       Capption. So this combination is not possible anymore.

✔ We also added more date ranges in the filters!

Bug fixes  Bug Icon - Free Download, PNG and Vector

  • You can hide a section in the PDF report by hitting the next icon in the template editor:

    However, this did not work with repeatable sections and were showed in the PDF, even when this setting was enabled. This is now fixed!
  • Some identification issues and source combo issues were fixed.