Release notes - August 2020

We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimisations to help improve your Capptions experience. This month we optimised the application with bug fixes and new functionalities.


New functionalities 🎉

One case file
When a rule on a repeatable section that will create a case file is met, all answers will create one case file instead of multiple case files. This prevents "pollution" and allows case files to be more efficient.

Want to add this setting to your environment? Please contact

Sticky Capptions
We made more possible for App-users.

  • When the access to a template changes and a user has no access to that template anymore, the user is now able to delete the Capptions they created. This is only possible if that Capption is still in progress.
  • When a user completed a Capption but has no access to that template anymore, he can still download the PDF.
  • To-do's are automatically deleted when access to the template is revoked.


Organisations can edit their languages in "Organization settings". Learn here how this works.


In the past, you had to contact us to make exporting a template for translations possible. 
When you add more than one language in Organization settings, all new templates are automatically exportable.

N.B.: A template is always exported with the languages from the organization settings.

Dutch knowledge base
Good news for our Dutchies! We now have a Dutch knowledge base! 
We are still very busy writing the articles to support your questions, but you can take a sneak peek and see what's online.


    Optimisations ✔

    Time stamps

    To create a more accurate user activity we changed the last seen.
    Instead of "Last activity 3 months ago"  the exact date and time are shown.
    This occurs when the last activity is more than 30 days ago,

    Capptions translations
    We optimised some Dutch, English, and French translations
    Do you have any suggestions or improvements? Feel free to contact us via


    Bug fixes  Bug Icon - Free Download, PNG and Vector

    User activity
    When a scheduled Capption is assigned to a user, it triggered the user activity.

    Rule on source not triggering
    When a rule was added to a question and a source was used, it didn't trigger the rule.

    When importing a translation and a column is left empty, the import fails.
    You had to fill in every column or delete the empty columns for the import to succeed. 
    This is fixed!

    Export repeatable sections 
    When a Capption with repeatable answers was exported, only the first repeatable section was shown. This is fixed and now all the information is shown in the export!

    Filter on dashboard
    The filters weren't automatically saved when going to other pages in the dashboard.