Release Notes - June + July 2020

We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimisations to help improve your Capptions experience. This month optimised the application with bug fixes and new functionalities.

New functionalities!

Same title for different templates

Good news! It is now possible to use the same title for different templates. This solves some translation importing errors and you can delete the time stamp and date after cloning a template.

Read more about translations

Nous parlons Français - We speak French!

You can set the portal to French now! Learn here how you can do this.

From your homepage go to the upper right corner, hit the field and a list of options will appear.

Hit: My profile and choose the preferred language. Save your setting by hitting  and it will change automatically to the language of choice!

Bug fixes Bug Icon - Free Download, PNG and Vector

- When inserting your search criteria to filter something, the full list was shown.
- Date field in Capptions could only be filtered on a specific date, not on a period. 
- When the formula in the template was incorrect, some combinations did not work (e.g. signature + date)


TipLight Bulb on Apple iOS 13.3

Experiencing trouble? Check to see if there are any outages.