Release notes - April 2020

We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimisations to help improve your Capptions experience. We optimised the application with bug fixes and new functionalities.

New functionalities !

Logo and theme colour 

Want to make the Capptions application feel more like the environment of your company? Good news! It is now possible to change the logo and theme colour of the login page and the environment. N.B. The colours in the mobile app remain Capption-red.

Learn here how you can achieve this! 

Negative number option
When answering a question it is now possible to add the option to insert a negative number. For example: The degrees in the cooling truck is below zero. The inspector can now insert -20 degrees as an answer.

Multiple labels
We listened to your requests and it is now possible to add multiple labels to one template.
What are labels? Labels are tags that can be assigned to the answers of an inspection item, depending on the rule that is met. These labels can be used later for reporting purposes as well.

Learn more right here!


Include 'date created' in the user export
When exporting the user base, the date when the user is created is now added for better insights.

Unassigned observations

We switched a setting in the observations to improve the environment.

Previous setting:
- Your inbox shows unassigned observations
- Unassigned observations shows all observations

A more logical setting and the case now:
- Your inbox shows all observations
- Unassigned observations shows unassigned observations


Bug fixes  Bug Icon - Free Download, PNG and Vector

Last but not least, bug fixes!

Filters disappear
When you were to filter your Capptions to create an overview or report, the filters didn't save when you got to the next page.

Using a laptop in tablet mode not launching camera
This is fixed and works like a charm!

An intro-attachment in PDF couldn't be opened when there was an image in the intro attachments. This is fixed!

Permissions are mandatory
When creating a user we made the permission check-box mandatory.
You need to select at least one permission assigned to that user. In the past this was sometimes forgotten and the environment of the user wasn't complete and created problems.

Deleted user not visible when filtering Capptions
All users, even the deleted ones, are now visible when using a filter. For example for reporting purposes.

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