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Create a new observation

An observation is an accessible way in the app to report an issue to the right people within the company. For example: to report that an emergency exit is jammed.

Create a new observation

When you open the app, you see a plus in the lower right corner.
Hit this to create a new observation.

Then briefly note down what happened and add a picture to support your observation.


Give in the right date and time and hit NEXT: Severity


Select the right priority depending on the issue.

Who will get a notification?
When you create a low or medium observation the manager within your team gets a notification. If there is no manager in your team, the notification will go to the next manager in line.
When you create a (very) high or extreme observation all of the managers in the teams above yours receive a notification.


Hit 'Done' to save the observation and the observation will appear on the platform.   

Learn in this article how you can create a case file out of an observation.