Extra functionalities

Apart from the basic functionalities we have on the platform, we have some extras that could make your work easier.

The settings you see in this list are free to enable. Click here to enable these functionalities.

Organization-wide settings

  • Show checked Capptions in app
    Capptions will stay visible in the app. Even when they are checked.
  • Repeatable sections 
  • Carbon Copy (CC) - The PDF report is sent to set e-mail address when a Capption is completed
  • Customize notifications on team level based on the severity 
  • Limit labels management to users with "Manage" permissions
  • Assets
  • Allow only one label per Capption
  • Prevent new inspections
  • Priority todo screen 
  • Send reports when a Capption is in progress or after it's checked
  • Customize the logo per team instead of the organization logo


PDF Report settings

The next list are settings that can be shown or hidden in the PDF report. We can enable these settings to a specific template or organization-wide.

  • Show front page
  • Show reference number
  • Show user details
  • Show avatar
  • Show values
  • Show key
  • Show location
  • Show dates
  • Show hidden items
  • Show empty items
  • Show section numbering

  • Frontpage photo- Set a picture to be displayed on the first page of the PDF report
  • Logo alignment (left or right)
  • Images/photos per row
  • Photo numbering default/ continuous
  • Exclude photos from emails
  • Summary labels at the end instead of beginning
  • Column widths

Premium Functionalities

These functions are available with a premium account. Do you see something you want but don't have a premium account? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.