All about Actions

The Capptions platform provides capabilities to create, assign and manage actions for an organization. These actions can be associated with Observations or they can be an independent action as well.

Actions module (Smartphone application)

The Actions module enables the users to be connected with each other in real time. The authorized users can receive push notifications when they have new action requests.

They have to duly accept/reject and after completion, mark actions as complete. These actions can also be saved to their calendars for due reminders.

Web dashboard for creating and managing actions

The users with 'Manage Actions' permissions have access to a browser based dashboard to create, assign and manage actions. Users can assign corrective/preventive actions pertaining to specific case files or create periodic individual actions.

These users also receive notifications when users accepts/rejects an action and marks it as complete later. These actions can be marked as complete after reviewing the standards and procedures followed.