Welcome to Capptions!

We are happy to invite you to get on board. Before joining the live training, we advise you to watch the onboarding video we created for you. It explains our features and ways to use Capptions within your company.

During and after watching the video, I want you to think about the ways you want to apply our software to your company. Write any questions you may have and ideas on how you want to use Capptions. Together we can get the best out of our platform and realize your goals!

4 questions you can use to answer the question: What am I trying to achieve with Capptions?
  • What is our main goal? E.g.: make reporting issues easier, more inspections, save time on recurring tasks
  • How do I want to achieve these goals?  
  • Who is going to use Capptions? E.g.: Team Safety, Only managers, only auditors etc.
  • What do I need from Capptions?