Step 1: Template settings

We added more functionalities to our template editor.  You can manage if labels are shown while filling out a Capption, or when the geolocation is updated and more. Read in this article how this works.


  • Go from your dashboard to templates in the left-sidebar.
  • Add a new or edit an existing template.

In the first section there are three settings:


Labels in app

When you are filling out a Capption and a label is added, it is immediately shown in the app.
You can choose between: show when added to questions and don't show a all.

Example when choosing:  Show when added to questions



You have three options when it comes to recording and store the location.


Summary in PDF based on labels
When selecting a label, Capptions will automatically make a summary on where and how many times that label is added to a question.

Example when choosing: Packing review
This summary is shown before showing the details of the Capption.