Release notes: September 2023

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.


Friday 8th 

Workflow: We've introduced a "Dismissal Review" node within the workflow builder. This now enables you to allow users to dismiss tasks assigned to them, with three options. Automatic dismissal, Automatic approval, or Manual approval. The latter means that users would be required to provide reasons for not completing the tasks, which the admin of the organization assigned this responsibility would have to approve or reject the request. 

Friday 15th

Workflow: There's been a lot of work done to enrich the data visible on your Dashboard. You are now able to visualize the KPI results as labels by adding up to two KPI labels per workflow.


Friday 8th 

Workflow: Resolved the issue where the workflows available to start on the " Start new Workflow" page were not the latest updated workflow version. 

Monday 27th 

Workflow: We've resolved the issue where KPI nodes within a workflow would get stuck when a workflow is being previewed

Forms: We've made improvements in the loading speed of forms 

Workflow: Resolved several issues within the workflow builder that would result in certain nodes being ignored once workflow was running or would cause a halt in the process.