Release notes: October 2023

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.


Thursday 12th 

Form: We've introduced the possibility of adding the image "Annotations" when using the mobile app. When making a picture of an observation or uploading an existing image from your device, you can select the images you have uploaded into your form and make drawings on it. 

Form: The ability to upload images, files, and links into your form template is now available by use of the "Informative Text" Field. When images/ files/ links are added to the template, users will be able to use the information provided as a reference point or instruction on how to proceed with the task at hand. 

Tuesday 17th 

Marketplace: We've been working on several improvements in the layout and look and feel to optimize the Marketplace in order to help you navigate and search for templates you require. We've also added filtering, allowing you several possibilities to filter according to the Publisher, the Bundle Type, and Price. 

Report: We've made it possible to customize the title of all PDF reports. This allows for greater categorization and ease in locating your reports. 

Teams: The teams listing page has undergone improvements such as pagination, search bar, and filtering based on a specific member or workflow.  

Monday 30th

Dashboards: We've introduced the KPI dashboards. This advanced dashboarding allows you to configure custom dashboards based on the output of the workflows.


Monday 30th

Form: Uploading MSG file types as a document is now possible.

Filtering: We've made it easier to filter according to teams by increasing the maximum amount of teams shown in various filters dropdown to 500.


Monday 30th

Email: We've made fixes to the email sent out to users when a bundle subscription changes 

Marketplace: Fixed issues experienced when scrolling through the marketplace.

Workflow: Solved the issue when workflow with multiple conditions could get stuck at some stages