Release notes: November 2023

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.


Wednesday 29th 

Report: We've made customizing your report title name possible using variables within your form template. This can be achieved by creating KPI's 

Organization: Workspace branding is now possible. You can add a profile image for your personal sandbox and your logo to your organization. 

Tuesday 14th 

Filtering:  The ability to save filtered pages is now available throughout the platform. 

Form: The ability to add rich texts to your field description is now available. This will allow the possibility to attach links to external documentation/images/ videos to further aid the user in their experience with completing tasks.


Wednesday 29th 

KPI Dashboard: We've made improvements to the bar chart type  by increasing the number of bars that can be displayed in a single chart

Bundle: We've fixed the issue when bundle notifications were being sent to deleted members 

Dashboard: Numbering on dashboard and filters will now be in chronological order 

Dashboard: We've fixed the issue where the dashboard was clickable in preview mode 

Dashboard: Empty dashboards will not be saved/ published 

Workflow results: Numerical values will now be rounded off. 

Tuesday 14th 

KPI dashboard: We've disabled the option to create a single pie chart using team and user data sources, as the outcome is the same as using team data sources and overall 

KPI dashboard: We've disabled the ability to use teams vs overall data source in a line chart

KPI dashboard: We've updated the default widget layout for the KPI dashboard to 3 

KPI dashboard: The number of bars displayed in a single bar chart has been upgraded to 35 

KPI dashboard: We've made it possible to combine team and workflow data sources in a bar chart


Tuesday 21st

Form: We've made several fixes to the section and field types when being copied 

PDF Report: All platform admins and owners will have the ability to view PDF reports on the "Workflow Results" page also when not part of the recipients list

Organization: When signing out of the platform, you will now be redirected to the login/sign-in landing page. 

Tuesday 14th 

KPI dashboard: We've made several improvements to the KPI dashboard details page and advanced filtering options

Form: We've fixed a form validation error that prohibits the form from being submitted 

Workflow: We've re-ordered the workflow details page to display assigned workflows in order of their versions.

Form: Corrected instances where incorrect formulas were validated. 

KPI labels: Corrected instances where KPI label results were being duplicated 

KPI labels: Fixed instances where KPI labels result with multiple values being displayed in a long string 

KPI: When printed on a PDF report, all results are rounded off to two decimal places. 

KPI: Prevented issues where KPI results in PDF reports were not obeying margins. 

Form: Corrected issues where recurring sections in a saved draft were not being saved. 

KPI dashboard: Attempting to switch to years time interval will no longer present an error.

KPI dashboard: Improved layout of the Dashboard to accommodate various dashboard name lengths 

KPI dashboard: We've improved the labeling and numbering when adding KPI labels for pie/ bar/radar charts

KPI dashboard: Improved colouring in the pie chart 

Workflow: Resolved instances where the "All members"  team label was not being displayed when editing assignments and also in the wizard setup

Friday 4th 

Marketplace: Resolved instances where there was an empty marketplace page when accessing an organization that is not listed on the marketplace.