Release notes: May 2024

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.



Thursday 9th 

Workflow: Users can view a detailed overview of the 'Scheduled settings' within the workflow preview mode. 


Thursday 9th 

Workflow: Enhance the appearance of KPI label designs.

Activity Feed: Action logs for Review Submission & Dismissal Review tasks are displayed in the feed activity overview

Form: The autocomplete feature continues to be available for form templates that have been updated.

Results: We've Improved the dashboard UI to display all used workflows in one overview

Dashboard: The default team in KPI results and reports will be displayed as "All members" instead of the workspace name

Workflow: Workflows with an empty kpi node will no longer be published

Workflows: Users will receive a clear and informative message when workflow variables change. 

Thursday 9th 

Users: User invitations will be updated in the user invites list.

Workflows: Fixed instances where bulk unassignment of scheduled workflows was not possible

Forms: fixed issues with the conditions related to Key Performance Indicators 

Organization: Included the necessary translations for placeholders in the Dashboard section.

Workflow: We've prevented the creation of KPI labels while in preview mode.

Organization: In detailed results and reports, the input for boolean "false" will not be displayed.

Organization: We've hidden and removed processes from the filter list

Organization: Consistent ordering of KPI results in the form and workflow calculator will now be maintained.

Workflow: The issue of removing multiple scheduled workflows at once has been resolved

Report: When generating a report file name that includes KPIs, we've ensured that the KPI slugs are accurately calculated and included in the report name or file. 

Form: Fixed an issue where calculator values were displaying as "N/A" in the preview mode of the form templates. 

Form: Fields conditional visibility in recurring sections issue