Release notes: March 2024

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.


Monday 11th 

Security: We've Switched from Auth0 to Supertokens to enhance system security with a more robust and customizable solution. This ensures secure user data and platform integrity. The new update underscores our commitment to prioritizing security for a safe user experience.

Friday 15th 

Scheduled workflows: The Scheduled Workflows page provides users a comprehensive overview of their scheduled workflows. This feature allows users to effortlessly edit schedules, track the next execution date, and view the specific team assigned to each workflow, among other capabilities. With this enhanced visibility and control, users can effectively manage their workflows and ensure smooth and efficient execution within their organization.

Tuesday 18th 

Bundle: Every bundle released on the marketplace will come with its own set of release notes. Editors can set up automatic release notes or input details manually for each new version of the bundle, highlighting any improvements that have been made.

Wednesday 27th 

Anonymous link: By generating an anonymous link, you can easily share a form template with individuals who may not have access to the Capptions platform or may not want to disclose their identity. This allows for greater flexibility in collecting responses and feedback without users needing to log in or provide personal information.

Carbon Copy (cc): Users now have the ability to include carbon copy recipients for PDF reports. By adding cc recipients, users can ensure that all relevant parties are kept in the loop and informed of important updates or actions taken within their process.


Thursday 14th 

Translations: We've made improvements to Dutch translations across the platform 

Friday 15th 

Organization: We've added the possibility of including a custom invite message, upon inviting a user to join the organization. Add rich text or links to files. 

Bundle editor: We've improved the upgrade mechanism in the bundle editor, allowing publishers to see which templates have the latest version and immediately add them. 

Form: Users can now input not only whole numbers (1, 2, 3) but also decimal numbers (1.0041, 2.999, 3.14) in the form. This feature is enabled by setting the decimal scale, which determines the number of digits to be displayed after the decimal point.

Wednesday 27th 

Scheduled workflows: We've removed the team workflow actions (unassign, edit, upgrade) from the Scheduled workflow list and placed these actions under the team workflows listing page instead. 


Thursday 14th 

Report: Resolved the issue where generating reports with attached files could fail

UI: Resolved the user interface issue where the dropdown for the last table item was not visible.

Credits: Addressed an issue where free credit distribution was not working

Friday 15th 

Dashboard: We've improved the layout of the display node to allow for the version of the node to be visible 

Dashboard: Fixed cases where  filtering on a date range and adding bookmarks would result in an error 

Dashboard: Improved layout of backward and forward arrows on the date filter

Feed:  Log preferences for Dashboard activity  are now visible in the settings of the activity feed of the organization

Monday 18th 

KPI Dashboard: Fixed instance where  filtering on a date range would not be possible

Wednesday 27th 

Mobile app: Resolved issues where logging in using an iPad or mobile device would lead to the app crashing 

Organization: Resolved instance where the help menu opens at every login. 

Mobile app: Fixed issues surrounding signup on android devices