Release notes: January 2024

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.


Tuesday 15th 

Assets: We've introduced the ability to manage assets. With this new feature, admins can now add, categorize, and manage assets such as various equipments, locations and tools within Capptions.  Additionally, admins have the ability to add tags and generate QR codes to assets.

Thursday 11th  

My Tasks: Now, users have the ability to filter tasks based on their assignment. This feature allows users to easily filter on tasks based on those that are assigned to them and unassigned tasks. 

My Tasks:Users can now easily see KPI labels on "Open tasks", providing them with a clear understanding of the task at hand without the need to open it.

KPI Dashboards:  Admins now have the ability to create dashboards that include multiple workflows, providing them with a comprehensive view of their tasks and progress.

KPI Dashboards: Now, you can add Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on both the Y and X axis of a single widget. This allows you to have a more comprehensive view of your data and analyze it in a more meaningful way.


Thursday 11th 

Marketplace : Stores that were previously hidden during a search are now visible. 

Open Tasks:  Workflow versions will also be displayed on open tasks making it easier or users to identify which workflow version the task at hand is associated with. 

Dashboard: Tasks that contain a deadline that has been missed, will be displayed under the section "stuck". This view will allow managers to have a clear overview on tasks that are overdue and also allow users to see/ filter on overdue tasks 


Thursday 11th 

Mobile app: Fixed the problem where initiating a workflow on the mobile app did not align with the chosen team.

Dashboard: Resolved a problem where the calculation of pending tasks in dashboards was inaccurate.

Forms : Fixed an issue that happened in combination between Expression and KPIs


Form: Resolved issue that occurs with alert messages when saving a draft form 

Workflow: We have fixed the issue where action buttons were unavailable when previewing an older workflow.

Filters: Fixed the issue where filtering workflows based on a specific date range was not showing accurate results.