Release notes: February 2024

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.


Wednesday 7th

Form: The Autocomplete feature is an exciting addition to our platform that aims to enhance the user experience by automating the process of filling in fields and forms with predefined data. With this feature, users will no longer need to enter repetitive information manually.

Monday 12th 

Detailed results: The ability to easily export their data to CSV format is now available for admins and owners. This provides a convenient way to extract and organize data from the platform. 

Friday 23rd 

Mobile App: The Autocomplete feature is now available on the mobile app. 

Web App: We've introduced the ability to annotate images from the web app. This allows users to add a personal touch through annotations, comments, or any additional information they'd like to include.  

Workflow: It is now possible for users to view all previously published versions of a workflow. This means that you can easily track changes and progress over time, giving you a full history of your workflow's evolution.

Teams: Bulk workflow update to multiple teams. Now, a single update can be rolled out to numerous teams simultaneously, reducing the need for repetitive, individual changes and ensuring everyone is working from the same page.

Forms: We've added an asset slug property to provide a unique identifier for Assets. Secondly, we've introduced the capability to utilize custom asset fields within KPI Formulas. This offers the flexibility to tailor the formula according to specific needs.


Thursday 1st 

Workflow: We've made some improvements to the workflow conditions builder! Now, if a connection is no longer available, the conditions won't be deleted. Instead, you'll see an error message displayed.

Wednesday 7th

Form: We have made updates to the visuals of the form fields in order to align them with the new styling in our UI/UX. These changes enhance the overall look and feel of the user interface. 

Monday 12th 

Report: The date as printed on the PDF Report  will now be displayed in the locale format 

Report: The timestamp in PDF reports will be hidden if the option is unchecked in the form settings menu 

Detailed results: Asset/User/Team references  will be visible in the Detailed results listing page and when exporting to CSV

Detailed results: Location field reference will be visible in Detailed results and when exporting to CSV

Friday 16th 

Translations: We've made improvements to Dutch translations throughout the platform. 

Friday 23rd 

Workflow: We have enhanced the UI when filling out forms in the preview mode of the workflow.

Form: The width of the KPI editor modal can now be resized. This gives users more flexibility to adjust the viewing area according to their preferences.

KPI Dashboard: We've made it possible to duplicate widgets in the KPI Dashboard. 

Workflow results:  We made it possible for users to navigate from Workflow Results directly to a specific form task. This enhancement improves user experience by providing a more streamlined workflow and reducing the number of steps needed to access individual tasks.

Members: We have introduced enhancements to the member invite mechanism, which now allows for the assignment of members to multiple teams simultaneously. This enhancement provides a more efficient and streamlined workflow, reducing the time and effort required to manage team assignments. 

Form: When a minimum file value is set, the field will automatically become mandatory.

Form: We have made enhancements to the form conditions builder. Now, if, for any reason, a field becomes unavailable, existing conditions will not be removed. This change aims to prevent any unintentional loss of conditions. Instead of removing the conditions, the system will now display an error. This error message will alert users to the issue, allowing them to take necessary actions to resolve it.

Conditions:  The display of condition values for removed multi/single choice fields will be maintained until the user selects a new field.

Conditions: Now, when utilizing the multiple choice field in the condition rule, users have the added possibility to select not just one, but multiple values. This flexibility allows for a wider range of conditions to be set, thereby increasing the effectiveness and precision of the rule.


Thursday 1st 

Form: We have implemented enhancements in the process of reviewing forms with uploaded files.

Workflow: Fixed an issue where workflows with sequential cascade expressions could get stuck at certain stages.

Monday 12th 

Organization: We have made various enhancements to boost the overall user interface and user experience. These are designed to facilitate seamless navigation through the platform, offering users a more intuitive and visually captivating experience.

Teams: Iframes in the teams listing page will now be hidden when there are two or more teams created 

Form: We've resolved issues with the " short text" and "long text " default values 

Organization: We've resolved issues around filters and sort order persistence/ term issues 

Form: Fixed issues surrounding sections and field appearance related to conditions and recurring sections 

Friday 23rd 

Workflow: Resolved issues where workflows would get stuck if containing multiple conditions

Software: We have upgraded the Puppeteer version, an npm package, to enhance the stability of our build pipeline. This update is part of our ongoing commitment to maintain the highest standards of system performance and reliability.