Release notes: April 2024

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy.



Thursday 4th 

Organization: Transitioned to a slug-based context, enhancing features that rely on templates of the same version to function effectively.

Thursday 11th 

Organization: Added support for Microsoft Directory Sync (SCIM), a feature that allows seamless synchronization of user data between Microsoft Active Directory and other applications. This update enables organizations to efficiently manage user identities and access control through a streamlined process, enhancing overall workflow efficiency and security.

Friday 19th 

Dashboard: Administrators and owners now have the capability to remove workflow processes directly from the workflow result page.

Mobile app: Users can now take and upload a sequence of quick-fire photos using the "photo burst" feature.

Friday 26th 

Workflow: Now, you can easily set up schedules for any workflow and even manage multiple schedules within the same workflow. 


Thursday 4th 

Form: When upgrading a form version within a workflow, the previous workflow calculations and field inputs will persist 

Thursday 18th 

Payments: SEPA payments for bundle purchases are no longer available.

Friday 19th 

Mobile app: Resolved performance issues with the signature field.

Email notifications: We've made improvements to the Anonymous link email 

Dashboard: Enhanced KPI labels to support multiple labels.

Friday 26th 

Bundle: The updated bundle editor layout now includes a more intuitive navigation system. With improved user experience, navigating through the bundle editor is now smoother and more efficient. 


Thursday 4th 

Forms: Resolved the field's conditional visibility in recurring sections

Workflow: Fixed issues related to the condition node for workflows that have been purchased.

Form: Corrected the user, asset, and team KPI formulas in the workflow calculator.

Workflow: Resolved bug-related issues for bulk unassign. 

Monday 8th 

Assets: Fixed the problem where the assets QR codes page was not functioning properly.
Resolved instances where the workflow preview would get stuck.

Workflow: Resolved the issue where opening the details of a workflow that is part of a bundle would cause the page to crash.

Forms: Solved the issue when newer forms with conditions were causing the page to crash.

Dashboards: Resolved the issue where opening a standard dashboard was causing the page to crash.

Dashboards: Resolved the issue where certain bookmarks were directing users to the wrong dashboard page.

Thursday 18th 

Workflow details page: Resolved the issue where the Workflow details page was displaying 'No results' after unassigning a workflow.

Form: Resolved the issue where users were unable to deselect the YES/NO and Single Choice inputs.

Workflow details page: Resolved the issue with exporting to CSV and generating reports in detailed results.

Form: Resolved the problem with image annotations in the informative text widget.

Organization: Resolved the problem where the invitation link was displaying a blank page.

Friday 19th 

Mobile app: Resolved the issue where the location field was not functioning properly on Android apps.

Friday 26th 

Reports: Resolved a problem that occurred when CC recipients were sent multiple times.

Workflow: Resolved an issue where bulk unassign was not functioning correctly.