Release notes - September 2020

We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimisations to help improve your Capptions experience. This month we optimised the application with bug fixes and new functionalities.

New functionalities 🎉

Template settings 
We added more functionalities to our template editor.  You can now manage if labels are shown while filling out a Capption, or when the geolocation is updated and more. Read in this article how this works.

Summary photos
Maybe you've already noticed it, but in the first section, we now show a summary of the photos that are added to the Capption. In the bottom section, you will find the photos in larger format. In e-mail sizes under 5MB, we will also append the original photos to the e-mail as separate files.



Last activity and more
This is our favorite new functionality in the support team! You can now see the last activity of a user, the device they are using Capptions on and the version of the Capptions app. Learn here how this works.
Always make sure you have the latest version of the app for the best experience.


Optimisations ✔

Show hidden questions
A hidden question is now marked as hidden in the overview in Section 2 of the template editor.
You can recognize a hidden question by the eye icon.

Evidence required
When creating an action in the web browser a note or attachment is mandatory. 

A few language optimizations in the Dutch environment. See something that could use improvement? Feel free to contact

PDF File size
Good news! When a PDF contains many photos, the file size could become undesirably big. That's why we now apply a shrinking technology that reduces the file size - it may however slightly impact the quality of the graphics.

Don't send signatures to e-mail
Previously we would send the signature as a separate attachment in the e-mail.
To make your Capptions experience as safe as possible, the signature is only shown in the PDF and on the platform.

Mark checked
If you have multiple Capptions you want to check, it was only possible by opening every Capption separately.  Now it's possible to check the Capption from the overview by moving your mouse over the state.


Bug fixes  Bug Icon - Free Download, PNG and Vector

Deleting permission groups
When you deleted all of the permission groups, you accidentally revoked your own permissions.
This meant that you did not have the permissions to access your own environment.
Camera Huawei 
There were some issues with Huawei devices. The camera app would not open.
This is fixed with the latest release (4.0.11).

Video's not playing
You could not hit play when a video was added to the introduction  This is fixed!

Capptions won't load
A combination of permissions caused some problems in the environment.
We fixed this by testing all the combinations possible.

Answer pattern
In the template editor, it is possible to choose between different answering types.
When you chose one option and decided later to change this, the old information was not deleted.

The template filters with the checkboxes did not work correctly.

Decimals in a formula
When you disallowed decimals in a number answer, the formula would not respond correctly.