Release notes - 2018

Shipped in October '18

  1. Create actions from completed inspection - If you want to follow up on a question without creating a casefile, this will help you out. Simply add an action and track the progress right from the inspection view! 
  2. UX improvements in 'adding user menu' - Send email invite and add permission groups from the menu

Shipped in September '18

  1. Updated pdf report for inspections and casefiles - A fresh design that saves space at the same time!
  2. Email notification of escalated question now includes full inspection report

Shipped in August '18

  1. Escalate question to existing case file - You can now assign a deviation you found in an inspection to an existing casefile
  2. Show a complete inspection in a casefile - When set, you can show a completed inspection form in a casefile. More context to an escalated question available!
  3. Decimal numbers in inspections - A small but very useful change. You can now enter numbers behind the comma! 

Shipped in July '18

  1. Actions directly from an inspections - You can now assign an action directly from a question in an inspection; no computer needed anymore! We'll be adding conditional actions later this month!
  2. ActionChanger and ObservationChanger are taken out the App Store and Google Play > Download Capptions from now on!
  3. Inspection pool: Assign an inspection to a group, but the item needs to be completed by just 1 of the assignees
  4. Make changes to completed inspections: Someone completed a form, but it needs some changes. From now on you can assign completed inspections to yourself and make some changes!
  5. Report on key identifiers: Filter on inspection subjects (project numbers, license plates etc) to get a more detailed reports

Shipped in June '18

  1. CAPPTIONS APP & PLATFORM! - WHOO we're live!
  2. Observations Inbox - Extra menu item showing observations that are likely to be reviewed by you