Release notes - February 2019

New functionality

  1. ¡Ahora también hablamos español! - The full platform is now available in Spanish (here's how to set it up)
  2. French supported in mobile app: From app version 3.5.0 the app is also available in French 
  3. Dashboard enhancements: we've made a lot of changes to the home screen. The data that is shown is now more clear. And the good thing: you can click through on the graphs to see the actual data!

Bug fixes

  • Items in case files are now fully translated
  • The maximum number of characters in the action overview is limited
  • When a pdf is added as evidence to a question, the file is now included in the email with the report
  • Restoring a deleted Capption now goes back to its original state again (To do > Delete > Restore > To do)
  • Action export to Excel included status updates and case file details
  • Case file details are now visible to all involved people with the right permissions