Integrating Capptions with Azure AD

The process for integrating Capptions with your Azure AD environment is as follows:

  • After creating the specific environment within Capptions, we can send you endpoints for configuring an Enterprise Application in Azure (identifier, reply url, relay state and sign on and logout urls).
  • Once you configure the Enterprise Application, you'll have to send us both the Application ID and Tenant ID and we should be good to configure the Single Sign On.
  • We then also ask you to create a support user account in your AD, e.g., this will be used by our support staff to further set up the environment.
  • The last step involves provisioning of users onto Capptions, for this we will send you a token to configure our SCIM-server and then everything should be up and running.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the possibilities, feel free to contact us via