How to set a schedule for a workflow

Learn how to schedule a deadline for your workflow.

Before we get started 

Take note 

  • You can only set a schedule for the workflow if you are an "owner" or "admin" of the organization. 
  • You can only schedule a workflow that is published and assigned to a team
  • You can only set a schedule for the workflow via the web portal. 
  • You can manage multiple schedules within the same workflow.

Set a schedule for your workflow.

Step 1: Sign in to the Capptions Direct web portal

Sign in to your Capptions Direct account using the link

Step 2: Select an organization 

Click on the drop-down arrow in the top left-hand corner and select your organization.

Step 3: Click on Actions 

Step 4: Click on Scheduled Workflows 

Step 5: Click the +Schedule  button

On the right-hand corner of the Scheduled Workflows page, click 

Step 6: Create a Schedule 

6.1 Provide your schedule with a name 

6.2 Select the Team Workflow 

A list of workflows that have been assigned to a team will be visible.

6.3 Set the schedule 

Choose how often you want the schedule to occur - daily, weekly, or monthly. Remember to save your selection once you are done.

6.4: Click Create schedule 

Step 7: Start the scheduled workflow 

7.1 Change the status of the workflow from Ready to Live.

7.2  Set the next execution date and time. Confirm by clicking on the "Change status" button. 


And that's how easy it is! 

We hope this article is helpful in setting a schedule for a workflow. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at 

Thank you for choosing Capptions Direct as your EHS Management Software. We look forward to helping you make your workplace safer and more efficient!