How to build a form

This article will show you how to build a form

Why build a form?

Forms are at the core of the Capptions Direct experience. They shape your user's daily tasks, report content, and dashboard presentation. With Capptions Direct, you have the ability to create tailored forms that capture all the necessary data for your operations.. 

Before we get started 

Take note 

  • You can only build a form if you have the role responsibility of being an "owner" or "admin" of the organization you are building a form for or on your own account called the Personal Sandbox. 
  • You can only build a form via the web portal. 

Build a form 

Step 1: Sign in to the Capptions Direct web portal

Sign in to your Capptions Direct account using the link

Step 2: Select an organization 

Click on the drop-down arrow in the top left-hand corner and select the organization you would like to create a form for. 

Step 3: Click on Templates 

Step 4: Click Create Form

Step 5: Enter form name 

The Form name should be a title your team can use to identify as a form they would need to complete during an inspection

Step 6: Click Submit 

Step 7: Add form section

To streamline the experience of conducting an inspection, you may need to structure your questions into different sections. 

Step 8: Provide the section with a name 

The sections can be organized according to different sets of questions or different areas of inspection. The name of each section can be changed. 

Step 9: Add New Field 

Every new field added represents a question that would be answered during an inspection. Questions can only be built within sections.

Step 10: Select a field type 

Depending on the type of information you may want to retrieve from an inspection, select the appropriate field type to present the question.

Step 11: Insert a question 

Step 12: Continue to build the form until completion 

12.1: Follow steps 9-11 to add more questions to the form section 

You can add as many fields as you might need in a section.  Continue to build questions in a form until you're complete

12.2: Follow steps 7-11 to add new sections to the form 

You can add as many form sections in a single form. This also means that you can merge two or more forms into a single form. 

Step 13: Preview the form 

Always preview how the form will look and proceed to fill in the form to confirm that you have built it in the desired manner for the inspection it is intended for. 

Step 14: Click Publish to confirm form is ready to be used 


And that's how easy it is! 

We hope this article is helpful in building a form. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at 

Thank you for choosing Capptions Direct as your EHS Management Software. We look forward to helping you make your workplace safer and more efficient!