How to build questions in a form

This article will explain how to build questions in a form

Before we get started

The nature in which you build questions in a form is essential in ensuring that you are able to capture all the crucial pieces of information during an inspection. Capptions Direct form builder ensures that you have various tools at your disposal to capture data in different formats.

Take note

  • You can only build questions in a form if you have the role responsibility of being an "owner" or "admin" of the organization you are building a form for or on your own account called the Personal Sandbox. 
  • You can only build a form via the web portal. 
  • To build a question in a form, you must first Create a Form 
  • To build questions in a form, you would need to make use of Field types and General Settings

Build questions in a form

1) Form Sections 

Capptions Direct form builder allows you to organize the form into different sections; members can easily navigate through the form and understand what information is being requested. It also helps to ensure that all necessary information is collected and that members don't miss any critical fields. When building each section, you should provide it with a name that corresponds to the type of data you would like to collect.  

2) Field Types 

The foundation of building any question on Capptions Direct is understanding the type of data you would like to retrieve and in what format. For this, we have Field Types. The field types feature allows you to add questions, require actions, and different response types to ensure users can perform inspections effectively and efficiently.  The field type chosen will therefore correlate to the Form Section for which it is selected in.

Field Type When to use it 
Short text  To receive a short response to your question 
Long text  To receive a detailed response to your question 
Numeric To receive a numeric response to your question
Date & Time  To have a time stamp and/or a time ticker to define the precise moment in time 
Phone Number  To gather contact details 
Single choice  To set pre-defined answers where only one answer can be selected 
Multiple choice  To set pre-defined answers where more than one answer can be selected 
Yes/No Choice  To receive a Yes or a No answer to the question
File Input  To receive documentation related to the inspection
Image Input  To receive evidence in the form of images related to the inspection
Signature To receive authorization for an action taken 
QR/Barcode To retrieve data by scanning a QR/ Barcode 
Informative Text To provide more information with the intention of informing the reader about a particular action that needs to be taken or a specific topic 

3) General Settings within each Field Type 

Once you have selected your field type, the General Settings feature allows you to ensure that members can understand how to respond to each question, and you can trigger follow-up questions depending on the response provided and mandate questions that must be answered to ensure no data is lost. 

General Settings  When to use it 
Field Type  To update/ change the field type to a different one 
Question Type in the question to be answered 
Help text  To provide an informative description giving more context on what the user must fill in
Placeholder  To provide the user with instructions on how to fill in the question
Add condition  As a type of follow-up question. To add a rule that the form section or field type that is selected will only be visible when  a previously asked question has a specific answer which can "Equals" "Equal to" "Starts with" "Ends with" "Is empty "  or " Contains"
Mandatory  When you want to make a question or section mandatory for the user to answer 
Min Length/ Max Length  When you want to define a min/max character length for answers to a Long text, Short text, and Numeric field types 
Min files/ Max files  When you want to define a min/max number of files/ images that the user should upload during an inspection 
Max file size (MB) When you want to define a Max file size (MB) of total images or files uploaded in a Field type
Allowed formats  When you want to define the format type of the image or file, the user must upload.
Default value  When you want to provide a set answer to a long text Field type 
Time picker  When you want the user to log the time in response to the question asked 
Default country code  When you want to define the country code of the number that the user must fill in
Define Options Used when defining the answers to a Multiple-Choice question or Single-Choice Field Type 
Yes Label text / No Label Text Used when you would like to define the Yes/ No label text to corresponding  words like "Good" or "Bad"
Text Value  When you would like to extend upon the informative text 


And that's how easy it is! 

We hope this article is helpful in understanding how to build questions in a form. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at 

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