Use the Capptions app offline

Are you doing an inspection on a location where there is a bad or even no internet connection? Don't worry, we've got you covered! You can use our app in offline modus.

What do to before going offline?
Make sure you are logged into the app because the log-in requires an online authentication.


Open the app, the Capption you want to fill out, and hit start. 
Fill out the form as you would normally do.


When you add an attachment there will appear a spinner in the upper left corner.
This means there is a pending upload that will be synced as soon as you reconnect to the internet.

When you hit the spinner you can see how many uploads are pending.
Complete the Capption, but keep in mind you don't kill the app before connecting to the internet again.


When you completed the Capption it will appear in the overview with an airplane icon on the left.


After reconnecting the Capption will sync to the cloud database, become an online Cappton, and the PDF-report will be created.

Things to keep in mind:
You will not see data as per the 'Key identifier', the one filled in the previous inspection. This is because it has not been synced with the cloud database yet.