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Available permissions

Listed below are all available permissions per app. You can group permissions in permission groups. These groups mostly represent a function (e.g. an Inspector needs 'Start an inspection' and 'New observation')

1. Actions

Manage my actions 

  • View actions assigned to me
  • Accept actions assigned to me
  • Reject actions assigned to me
  • Complete actions assigned to me 

View actions 

  • View all actions 

Export actions 

  • View all actions
  • Export all actions 

Manage actions 

  • Permission: 'Manage my actions' plus:
  • View all actions
  • Create actions and assign to people
  • Edit all actions and re-assign 
  • Delete actions 

2. Observations

New observation 

  • Capture an observation
  • View my own observations
  • View all publications assigned to me or my team 

View observations 

  • View dashboard
  • View all observations
  • View all case files (optional: see only a certain category or client)
  • View all publications 

Export case files 

  • Permission: 'View case files' plus:
  • Export all observations
  • Export all case files
  • Export all publications 

Manage observations 

  • Permission: 'View case files' plus:
  • Add observations to new or existing case files
  • Edit and delete case files 
  • Create, publish and revoke publications
  • Receive notifications of new observations

3. Inspections

Start an inspection 

  • Start an inspection (note: inspections can be assigned to a subset of users. This adds an extra level of authorization) 

View inspections 

  • View dashboard
  • View all inspections 

Export inspections 

  • Permission: 'View inspections' plus:
  • Export all inspections 

Manage inspections 

  • Permission: 'View inspections' plus:
  • Delete Inspections
  • Check inspections 
  • Receive notifications of completed inspections

Manage inspection templates 

  • Permission: 'Manage inspections' plus
  • Create and edit inspection templates
  • Assign users to inspection templates
  • Create and edit labels 

Manage observations & Manage inspections  

  • Manually escalate inspections to observations 

4. Reports

View Reports

  • Create graphs for reporting

5. Organization Settings

Manage users

  • Create users (manual & via Excel)
  • Edit users
  • Reset user passwords
  • Lock/Unlock users
  • Assign users to permissions groups

Manage organisation

  • Permission: 'Manage Users' plus
  • Manage permission groups
  • Manage company notifications
  • Manage locations
  • Manage teams