Release notes: April 2023

See what's happening with the Capptions Direct platform. New features, updates, and fixes for the mobile app and web portal. We're always working hard to make compliance easy and convenient.


Thursday 6th 
  • Dashboards: We're always exploring ways to provide greater insight into your organization. With the launch of the Dashboard, you can view specific data in each workflow created, allowing you to monitor and analyze tasks that have been completed, dismissed, or late as well as which user in your organization is responsible at each stage of the workflow. Along with having a detailed breakdown of how your captions are being allocated, we've included a graph displaying executions that have been opened and completed over a period of time, workflow visualization and filtering through the search tab, sorting by defined variables such as last started last updated, Open, Complete, Stuck. The extended filtering option, therefore, allows you to filter by Date range, Status, Teams, Workflow, or Users.

Wednesday 12th 

  • Activity overview: You are now able to customize the activity log that is visible to you. The activity log preferences are categorized, and you can choose to select/deselect all categories or manually select each one.
  • Report: Reordering the forms as they appear on reports will allow users to customize how the data on the report is produced
  • Workflow: The ability to remove a KPI record when editing a KPI node is now possible.


Thursday 20th 

  • Support: "Support" text button on the bottom right-hand of the screen has been changed to "Knowledge base"
  • Workflow: Previously, when a workflow node hits the "Insufficient funds" error, it will prevent other tasks from execution as well, but now it won't.
  • Workflow: With the presence of two or more forms that connect to a single node, the system would not wait until they are all completed to proceed to the next stage of the workflow. The system will not wait for all forms to be completed before proceeding to the next step 

Wednesday 12th

  • Teams: Within the settings tab, we have improved the "show details " button to provide more information about each workflow, such as how often the workflow will reoccur, and also improved the labeling of each variable which will improve the general usability of the platform  
  • Expression builder and KPI manager: Improved "select form field" modal in the expression builder and KPI manager, which will make the usability of this function easier 
  • KPI manager: We have resized the "Expression " row by enlarging it to accommodate more significant inputs when creating formulas. 
Monday 3rd
  • Platform: We've removed the Beta label.  Core development of features and functionalities and testing of the Capptions Direct platform is complete. We have made measurable changes and improvements based on customer feedback. 
  • KPIs: You can now view the results of all KPIs in the report that's generated. If customizing your own reports, you are able to configure this into them. 


Thursday 20th 

  • Bundles: Resolved issues with upgrading the bundle subscription to a new version of the bundle that has been purchased. 
  • Workflow: Resolved issue when the "Everyone from a team" workflow role was targeting the deleted users as well.

Wednesday 12th 

  • Forms: When an account no longer has sufficient funds to complete a capption, an error message stating "insufficient funds" will appear on the screen
  • Forms: Reoccurring sections will automatically save all the default values and not only for the first reoccurring section 

Tuesday 11th 

  • Dashboards: Several fixes and updates have been made to the functionality of the dashboarding system, including fixes to bookmarks, styles, and queries. Additionally, we have updated features for animating edges and dismissing all tasks while keeping the previous status.