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1.5 How to create Teams

Congratulations! You’re almost finished with setting up your Capptions account. It’s time to create a team. To be able to use your workflow, it’s necessary to create a team, so you can attach them to your flow. Let’s go!

1) Are you in the correct organization? Great. Go to ‘settings’‘teams’

2) On the right you’ll find a button with ‘Create Team.’ We recommend giving your team a company, business or team related name. After this, check the ‘add me as first team member’ box and click ‘submit.’

3) After this, it gets even easier. Add team members to the team by clicking on ‘add user to team’ and select your preferred user(s). 

Congratulations! You’ve now created a team. 🎉 

This is also the end of this chapter. In the next chapter, you’ll learn how to create forms and reports. These are necessary to create functional flows. Ready? Let’s move on to 2:1 How to create forms?