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Introduction into the Capptions Direct Marketplace

The use of the Capptions Direct Marketplace is subject to the Capptions ToS, and the Marketplace Guidelines


Capptions Direct is built to become the successor of the first Capptions platform, that we will from now on refer to as Capptions One. Capptions Direct is currently in and is built from the ground up, based on the insights and experiences gained in the past years of servicing clients with Capptions One. Key differentiators between Capptions One and Capptions Direct are:

  • Capptions Direct is Freemium, first two users and first 10 capptions per company (workspace) are free.
  • Capptions One revolves around a DIY forms template builder. Capptions Direct now adds DIY builders for PDF Report Templates and Workflows. Workflows are adding great power to have tasks and compliance data flow across multiple actors.
  • Capptions One allowed for template cloning between tenants (workspaces) that agreed between each other to do so. Capptions Direct comes with a public Marketplace in which template creators are allowed to bundle and share the best of their templates to the world at the terms and prices of their preference.
  • More uniquely, the Marketplace allows for offering those bundles on a managed service basis. This means that content creators may update and issue newer versions of their content out of their central workspace and allow their clients to automatically upgrade, rather than having to clone templates client by client.
  • Also, the Marketplace is search engine optimized and therefore all content published is indexed by public search engines and made available in public search results (e.g. on Google), which enhances content creators’ visibility as experts in their fields. 

Capptions Direct Software as a service is:

  • “the app”
    • Android app
    • iOS app
    • Web app
  • Availability and features are offered as a subscription service on a per user per month (or year) basis
    • First 2 users per workspace FREE
    • Usage on a per credit basis
    • First 10 capptions/credits per workspace per month FREE
    • Upon signing-up, customer and users agree to the Capptions ToS
Marketplace, “the store”, 3rd party content & services
Content is offered in bundles of 1 or more ready-made templates for
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Workflows
  • Services
  • Dashboards (coming soon)
  • Integrations (coming soon)
Content can be offered by:
  • Capptions staff
  • Partners
Content can be offered various service levels:
  • full access basis: to be copied and altered up to customer desire using the template builder
  • one-off basis: to be used as-is, without seeing it in the template builder
  • subscription-basis, also referred to as managed-content “as-a-service”, 
    to be used as-is, without seeing it in the template builder
Either of the service levels can be offered free “€0,-”, paid, in each case we talk about ‘purchase’. Upon making a Marketplace purchase, in addition to the Capptions ToS, client  is requested to agree to the Partner' ToS too.

Customer & partner profiles

  • “Caas customers” come to Capptions for buying ‘compliance-as-a-service’, based out of ready-made content and optionally the additional professional consultancy and/or certification services by Capptions’ partners.
  • “DIY Customers” use the app and the template builder for internal use, without acquiring Content in the marketplace
  • “Content partners” use the app and the template builder in order to create content bundles that can be published into the Marketplace and consumed by Caas customers. Content bundle creation and publishing has to be enabled by Capptions P/CSM department after vetting. Vetting covers partner qualification in terms of:
    • Title & capacity (checking VAT, chamber of commerce, website, Linkedin)
    • Expertise/authority (checking individual consultants’ credits/certifications, publications, client testimonials, etc.)
    • Consent by partner to Capptions’ Partner Agreement Addendum to the general ToS as well as the Marketplace Content guidelines
  • “Cubicle partners” are partners that have entered into a strategic alliance with Capptions to be making an impact for a larger group of look-alike Caas-customers in a specific cubicle. A cubicle is a market segment spanned by the three dimensions 'industry', 'geography/jurisdiction' and 'compliance standard/use-case'. Cubicles require focus by both Capptions and the Cubicle partner in terms of marketing, sales & feature development.