What is Capptions Direct?

With Capptions Direct we're taking the next step. A more complete, user friendly app that allows you to invite colleagues, edit templates on the spot and have more insights on your mobile device.

Over the last few years we've collected tons of questions, comments and suggestions from admins, app users, partners, family and friends. 

We've collected all this feedback and with the new app we want to make sure all our (future) users are supported in their daily professional lives like never before. With Capptions Direct we focus on the mobile experience: you can setup your organisation and invite colleagues within a minute. Creating or editing a template can be done from within the app, but of course the main functionality is around data collection: filling out forms. With everything we've learned over the last years, this will be even easier than with our current platform.

Currently, we've soft-launched the first version to a limited set of users, to collect feedback on the basis and continue expanding from there. If you're interested, feel free to get in touch with us via direct@capptions.com