Here a general overview of features that we're currently working on

This sprint (release in next 4 weeks):

  1. Extend number of functions per user: right now a user can have only one function (which is used for assigning templates). By opening this up assigning templates becomes way more flexible!
  2. Include sub teams in team assignments for templates: If you want to assign a template to multiple teams and their sub teams this is a lot of work. Including a check box to include sub teams should make is way easier!
  3. Include commas in template rules: If you want to validate a numeric field, you might want to include a value after the comma. From the next release that'll work, so you can validate in a more detailed way.
  4. Repeatable sections: If you conduct bulk inspections, you're going to love this! A section that can repeated... forever! If you create a set of question that you need for multiple assets this'll greatly help you while building the template, but also while filling it. The template becomes lighter and thus faster. Just enable the 'repeat' option on the section and you're good to go!

Long term roadmap

  • KPIs / Benchmarks
  • Collaboration
  • Chaining of Capptions