3.5 How to assign users to teams and workflows

It is essential that you assign your team members to a team. This help item will explain this process.

ATTENTION: Make sure you are not in your personal workspace. This is only possible in a created workspace.

(As you can see in the example below, we have 2 users in the car check workflow. An Inspector and an Engineer. It is necessary to add these roles to the correct users)

To invite users within Capptions Direct go to settings ->members ->list.

At ->settings ->members ->invites you can see which requests are being processed and which have been accepted. It is also possible to resend or withdraw an invitation here.

2) All accepted users will be shown as the example below. Here it is possible to change the user's role to owner, administrator or member.

3) To link members to a team, navigate to settings, then to teams and press create team. Give the team a name and press submit.

4) Click on settings to see which team members are in TeamA.

5) In the example below you can see that we are the only user in teamA. To assign a user to this team, click add user to team and click the user you want to add.

6) It is now possible to assign a workflow to a team. To do this we go to ->settings ->teams ->workflows click on add workflows to team and select the workflow.

(Make sure a workflow is published. In order to do this go to ''Creating of a Workflow'').

7) Now assign the users to the correct roles. This is important so that the tasks are assigned to the correct user. After completing click assign workflow.

8) Congratulations, You are now ready to use the workflow. The tasks will now be assigned to the correct user when needed! You can continue to the next step 3.6 How to preview your workflow. 🎉