3.6 How to assign users to teams and workflows

To run a workflow, it must first be linked to a team & users. This item explains how to do this.

1) To link members to a team, navigate to settings, then to teams and press create team. Give the team a name and press submit. (This step is also explained in 1.5 How to create teams)

2) Under management team, click settings. (When we created roles in the previous article, we have created the role management. We are now going to create a team for this role)

(Note: When you create an account within Capptions, a team is automatically created)

5) To add users to a team, click add user to team. The example below shows how users are added to the team management

6) It is now possible to assign a workflow to a team. To do this we go to ->settings ->teams ->workflows click on add workflows to team and select the workflow.

(Make sure the workflow is published. Otherwise it will not be found)

7) Now assign the roles to the users or teams. In the example below you can see that we assign the supervisor role to the user Steven and assign the management role to the management team that includes the users Alex & Hessel.

8) Congratulations, You are now ready to use the workflow. The tasks will now be assigned to the correct user(s) and teams when needed! You can continue to the next step 3.6 How to preview your workflow. 🎉