2.2 How to add sections, conditions & fields within a form

Within Capptions Direct, a form consists of sections, conditions and fields. This item explains how to set this up.

(This item uses a Car APK as example)

Because this is an inspection form, we first want to give the form a name. The following example shows how to do this.

2) We would now like to have a date & time on our form. Therefore choose add field and click on date & time. You can choose here whether you want to use a date picker and whether it is a mandatory field.

3) In the next step we want there to be an empty field asking what type of car it is.

4) Because we want to ask what kind of bodywork it is, we choose a single choice question. Under available options you can set the desired fields. (The display as select button indicates that the menu will pop up once selected)

5) We now want to add the field photos and that it will only be shown if the previous question 'photo's made?' is answered by yes. The following example will show how we can set this up.

6) In the final step we want add signature. Once we are satisfied with the form, we click on publish

7) Congratulations, you now know how to add fields, sections and conditions in a form. You can continue to the next step 2.3 How to create report templates. 🎉