How do I start selling my first bundle?

You have your rights to sell bundles and your store account setup. But what do you need in order to start selling something in the marketplace?

Within the marketplace we talk about selling bundles. This is basically a collection of templates of forms, reports and workflows that you bundle together as a single solution for a potential customer. Think about solving a simple use-case, or a complex set of workflows to suffice in intricate legislation that needs to be controlled over time. Both have a space within the marketplace as it can solve the challenges your customers are facing.

What do I need to do before I can create a bundle?

Before starting you'll need to have received the rights from us at Capptions. So get in touch if you have not done so yet to work together with us on your options. After that you need to setup your store that includes enabling you to get payouts from any purchases made from your content.

What do I need to add to a bundle?

A bundle is of course a collection of forms, reports and workflow templates you created and would want to sell to others. Every bundle has a:

  • Name & short description / tag-line
  • Detailed description on what problem the bundle solves and what parts of the legislation the bundle covers.
  • Screenshots / previews of how it will look for the customers so they know what they are purchasing
  • A price (monthly or one time fee)

How do I price my bundle?

This is fully up to you as a bundle creator. Some simple solutions will work better as a one-time fee as updates to the content of the bundle are infrequent. But if tied to changing legislation and/or improvements, using a monthly subscription can be very useful as you can support your customers by providing updates / new versions over time in one go.

In the one-time purchase option you can also allow the customer to create their own variation by allowing them to make a local copy to make changes. You will of course not be able to give them updates to the bundle after that change, but it may give them a freedom they are looking for.

In subscriptions you can also configure an additional one-time fee as a setup cost. We do advise to not make this too high as the power of the subscription lies in the ability to share updates with your customer. Adding a big buy-in may result in customers being more hesitant to buy compared to a slightly higher monthly fee. You can of course also create a free light version of your bundles!

What is next?

Simply publish and you'll be able to find the bundle in the marketplace. Updates over time can be re-published and subscribers can benefit from the updates that you've given them access to.