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Create a new template [Capptions Direct]

You've created a workspace and want to create workflows and forms. You do this by creating workflows. Workflows are sequences of steps you can create for your teams to go through to get certain tasks done and capture data when needed.

If you haven't created a workspace yet, you can learn in this article how this works. 

Create a new template

After logging in at Capptions.direct , get started by hitting the 'Workspace' button in the primary navigation bar on top.

Hit the Workspace selector in the secondary navigation bar to either select an existing workspace or to select + New Workspace to add a new one. 

Then, in the secondary navigation bar, select Templates. A 3rd level navigation bar appears. Use Forms to go to the Form Templates section. 

Use the blue Create Form button to add a new form, or select from the list of existing forms which one you'd like to preview, edit, clone or delete.

From the tertiary navigation level, click Workflows.

Use the blue Create Workflow button to add a new workflow, or select from the list of existing ones which one you'd like to create a new version of (in case of published versions) or edit, preview, clone or delete.