Do you want to create a template with only relevant questions in it?  
Look no further! 

When you're creating a template, go to the tab 'Add rules'

Show only if: Show a section based on an answer to a given answer

When you click on + Show only if you can add a rule to make a section visible only for certain answers to a question. In the example below we've created a rule that makes the section Pollution only visible when the answer to Year of construction is less than 1990. 

You can also make the visibility of the section dependant on multiple questions:
You can choose between a AND-rule (match all conditions) or an OR-rule (match any condition). In the example below the rule means that the Pollution section is only shown when Year of construction is earlier than 1990 OR Number of doors is 3 OR Mileage is over 250.000.

Your section will not show in the InspectionChanger until the conditions of the rule are met.

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