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Add and Edit users

You can add new users to your organization in various ways. Go the the organisation settings and click on 'add' in the top right corner (see below).

You've got two options for uploading users:

1. Import from .xlsx file

Click on 'Add' button in the Users tab, then click on the button to import.
Here you will an option to download a template for the upload. We advise you to download this sample file, and add your user data in this file and then try to upload. This minimizes the error risk and your import failing due to formatting issues. When the upload fails, you'll receive feedback on what you need to change.

This xlsx file will have all the columns needed for user details.

2. Add user profile manually

If you choose to add users one by one, then click on the button 'Add user profile' and fill the details.

Make sure you set a password that contains at least 6 characters. Once you've created the account, don't forget to add the account to a permission group. 

3. Editing User details

To edit any user details, simply click on a user's name and you will be able to edit all the fields. Use the 'Options' button to delete a user or reset their password.

N.B.:  If you want to add a user and you get the error: User already exists. It is possible that the user made a (trial/test) account in the past.

Please contact us so we can remove the old account.